Expanding Ripples

By Andrew R. Duckworth Ripples in the water made me awareOf the time that I spent searching there,Birthed by disturbance in a shallow streamAnd rolling on to find the air.And when I caught that golden sunWith wide eyes as I had often done,I left the waters of the streamAnd took note of the battles won.

St. Dismas

By Andrew R. Duckworth An argument between thievesAs life gradually leavesAnd a crowd still gatheredWatches and grieves.One thief questions.The other believesAnd Dismas asks the SaviorTo look upon with favorAnd think the better of two thieves.


By Andrew R. Duckworth She’s a killer,Looking with those stalking eyesOver the calm green grass,Noticing sudden movements.She’s a killer,Scoping the birds tending nestsIn the short trees,Waving with the spring breeze.Centuries ago, she would have been a beast,Prowling, fixating on prey.But, instead,She rests her small headOn my lap at end of day,Purring the sweetest songIn a … Continue reading Tilly

Freedom Means Freedom

By Andrew R. Duckworth Freedom unfettered,Freedom to live and let live,What we once desired,But now we’re wiredTo believe that freedomIs an enemy.Freedom works only when we allow it to,Freedom for me and freedom for you.Should we be free and free to be,Or should we be shackled through tyranny?

At the Intersection (A Satirical Take on Contemporary Academia)

By Andrew R. Duckworth Today, I bring before you an emerging scienceThat focuses on FlooptyAt the intersection of Flippity and Floppity.Floopty, currently, is horrendous, obviously.We’ve seen it play out in the Floopty FleesAs well as the Floopty Flows.Flippity, as you’ll do well to remember,Can absolutely have an impact on Floopty,As can Floppity.However, Floppity, as I’ll … Continue reading At the Intersection (A Satirical Take on Contemporary Academia)

Control on Steroids

By Andrew R. Duckworth Code is what we have become,No longer happy or joyful,But numb.Nature was found to be overrated,And so, as we do,A less perfect form we created.And, at the touch of a button,We had it all,Everything we needed.But the virtual world is better.Close off realityAnd get ready for the new.To hell with anyone’s … Continue reading Control on Steroids


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