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By Andrew R. Duckworth inspired by the work and reporting of Siddarth Kara I was enlightened today with horrorsThe horrors that bring us comforts.Bloody hands and poisoned lungs,Hammers slinging, cobalt flung,All so we can stare at a screen,Trying to keep our conscience clean.I have a phone I carry with me.Blood on my hands, blood on…

Rules for Thee… IV

By Andrew R. Duckworth At home for safety,Watching the televisionAs nothing else occupies the time,But perhaps a rhymeMight do…Like the rhyme of rich celebritiesSinging a John Lennon songIn random parts of their mansionsSaying “We’re all in this together,”While most people are out of work. In case you have forgotten what was done in the name…

Rules for Thee… III

By Andrew R. Duckworth I was told to shut my doors.No more store as my mind hits the floorWorrying about tomorrow’s meal.Thankfully, the essential will healAnd maybe then, we open again.The chain store down the streetOffers all anyone would ever need.Their doors are wide for the long lineTo enter the only store in townPermitted to…

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