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The Park (The Conundrum)

By Andrew R. Duckworth There is a place I go to in my mind,A large park along the riverside,Where old men play chess and birds are fedBy familiar faces inside my head.But I often wonder what would beIf the birds aren’t fed so graciouslyBy those who no one else can findBecause they live inside my … Continue reading The Park (The Conundrum)

Expanding Ripples

By Andrew R. Duckworth Ripples in the water made me awareOf the time that I spent searching there,Birthed by disturbance in a shallow streamAnd rolling on to find the air.And when I caught that golden sunWith wide eyes as I had often done,I left the waters of the streamAnd took note of the battles won.

The Politician

By Andrew R. Duckworth Of course I have thoughtsAnd I must argue these points.Let me get my script.

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