Snowfall on Rose Petals

by Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo by Addie Mae Cook. Photo Editing and Poem by Andrew R. Duckworth
Snowfall on rose petals in a tall hedge maze.
A complex request for the rest of my days:
Love, come warm my heart of ice
Before these flurries bring a storm.
Love, come open my frozen eyes,
Be my shelter, keep me warm.
Love, turn my winter into Spring,
Shower sun rays on all my being,
The light that only you can bring
And free my heart to rise.

Snowfall on rose petals, melt away.
My love is here and here to stay.

This poem, I realize, is not my best. It is, however, something I whipped up to challenge myself. My poetry can be rather dark and, in fact, I rely on my poetry to be dark. Poetry writing is often a way for me to purge my anger, my fear, all of the negative emotions that may come my way. I don’t like to keep these aspects internalized for long, so I often pour my thoughts out onto a notebook. I should actually clarify that my fiancee, Addie Mae Cook, challenged me to write a more positive poem, something I have very little experience with. With this poem, I think I spent more time focusing on how I wanted the rhyme scheme to be than actually using the words I needed to use and I think that is something that any skilled poetry writer will probably notice right out of the gate. I depicted imagery the way I wanted to, but It was a struggle to try and rhyme where I wanted to (I do not have this problem when it comes to darker poetry). For a lot of poetry, I don’t try to rhyme, but it felt right with this poem. It is basically conveying how I can occasionally be a rather cold person, pleasant for practically no one to be around. Everything changes with Addison. She knows how to pull me out of darkness and bring me to levelheadedness, to happiness, etc. How I got lucky enough to have someone like that… Well, I’m not quite sure. So, with all of this said, I dedicate this poem to the love of my life, Addie Mae Cook. Enjoy it, babe… because this is probably one of the last “positive” poems I write… Just kidding… Maybe…

Thanks for reading!

This writing is the work of its author, Andrew Ryan Duckworth, and can in no way be reproduced, copied, or distributed in any form without request from the author.

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