On Failure

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo by a friend and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth

And so you failed and failed again.
What will they say about you now?
I’ll tell you what’s been said to me
Or said in circles all around.

Some will say you hit rock bottom
And you will never be enough
And you’ve squandered your chances had,
Because you never played it rough.

Some will say that your time is through,
Because you failed to get it right.
Others will mock and scold and bruise,
You didn’t get it on their time.

Some will cast you out with the bad
When you fail to meet their demands.
They’ll tell you you’re not good enough
Until you soon throw up your hands.

But I will tell you if I may
How to win back your fighting day.
Pure resolve is your fighting chance
To succeed in another way.

Don’t listen to the naysayers
That wish to tear your drive away.
Don’t listen to self doubt you have
That causes you extreme dismay

Listen to the ones who have failed
But came back from those dreaded woes.
Listen to their many attempts
Before they were out of their lows.

Listen to their guiding wise words,
Do not ignore their good advise,
For they have broken out of chains
That naysayers, with words, devised

Find the resolve within your soul
To stay the course and follow through
And soon enough you’ll sure succeed
In sound, wise thought and word and deed.
If you should follow this great creed,
You’ll find the strength that clings to you.

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