Wind over Green

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Like ocean waves crashing to shore
With sails bouncing forward and back
A wind rushes in over plains
With nothing to break and give slack

The wind carries a vibrant song
A voice that’s loud and lingers long
As if it has something to say
Before the night stampers along

Sunset over the Texas land
And wind over green moves on through
Tell me the words that the wind speaks
In daylight hours of sky blue

I think it tells of a story
One of pain but one of glory
Of the life we live here on green
One that’s young and one that’s hoary

We live a life like storming wind
In our youth when we’re still a child
And die down as the night sweeps through
When days are short and days are mild

But when the wind comes at the night
We’re still quick to put up a fight
When the reaper comes to cut down
Our last embraces of the light

And yet, the wind will carry home
The souls that stayed on narrow paths
And make a joke of wicked night
Because our souls are meant to last

And reaper will be left to mourn
Because the spirit was not torn
The goodness of the Holy One
Graced our souls since we were born.

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