On the Great Cancelation

By Andrew R. Duckworth

I can entertain multiple ideas,
Many ideas that hold merit.
I do not have to accept them as my own
But I can at least come to some understanding
Over how ideas were formed,
How ideas are carried,
The validity of concerns,
That no one idea can save society,
That no one idea will solve every problem,
But that somewhere between competing ideas
There might be a gray area,
A way of blending ideas,
A resolution to conversation,
A method to the madness.
I can entertain ideas that I perceive as good.
I can entertain ideas that I perceive as bad
To challenge my own ways of thinking,
My own ideas that I hold.
But one idea that I will not entertain for a second
Is the idea of shutting down conversation
Of any kind, of any idea, of any notions,
For even in the worst ideas, there are solutions to be found
For how not to accomplish,
For how not to proceed,
For how not to admonish,
For how not to lead.
But many ideas are shut down for bad reasons,
For lack of understanding,
For lack of trying,
For lack of love,
For lack of trust.
And many do not wish to entertain ideas
That challenge those they hold,
Because it’s hard to break from self
And selfish desires born from selfish positions.
The self is the only thing we truly know,
But taking a moment to grow
By entertaining other stances
From time to time
Might break the tide of hatred
And unlikely friendships might show.
I will not be so selfish to shut down my brother’s voice,
Regardless of how rotten the fruit may be
Because, in my perception, I see
A person flawed, just like me.
And if I have a voice to use,
While I’ll be careful not to abuse,
I cannot see the merit
In not allowing other voices
To hold an idea and share it.

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