A Steady Stream of Static

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
It can be a sickle and hammer
It can be an old pointing white guy
It can be a cartoon bear in the woods
It can be “advice” for your neighborhood.

Propaganda is nothing new.
It comes as quick as your thumbs allow.
Plastered on a wall,
Plastered on a virtual wall.
Media organizations that once
Thought of conveying reality,
But, bursting with creativity,
Decided to make up headlines.
Yay, progress.
No longer does a king or tyrant lay down edicts.
The mainstream propaganda machine
Does it for them.
Build up the fear,
Build up the hype,
Build up one side,
Tear down all others.

Look, a new news article.
Objective? Journalism?
Here is an opinion piece.
You should pay attention to it.
This opinion is important.
This opinion shapes the future.
This opinion is the correct opinion.
Other opinions are bad.
Other opinions are deplorable.
Other opinions are dangerous.
Other opinions don’t matter.
Other opinions are against science.
Other opinions are degenerative.
But, this opinion?
Definitely the correct opinion.
You should have this opinion.
Here is why you should have this opinion.
Other opinions are different from our opinion.
Other opinions are different from YOUR opinion.
This opinion is fact.
This opinion is journalism.
Journalism is what this opinion piece tells you it is.
Opinion, opinion, opinion.
Who needs facts when you have an opinion?

Look, a new variant of journalism was just discovered.
It supports the state.
It hammers in the state’s sturdy standards.
Anything else is against the state.
Anything else is against society.
Anything else is dangerous.

Propaganda is nothing new.
Don’t let it get ahold of you.

Corporations dictating the stories,
News no longer news,
Nothing but garbage opinion.

Some organizations come quietly,
Under cover of night,
Calculating what will tickle ears,
Kill free thought,
Slander opposition…

Malicious tactics by vindictive figures,
Agreeing that you shouldn’t disagree.
Join the cult.
Organize those too preoccupied to
Read opposing viewpoints.
Leave the brain at the door.
You’re more corruptible that way.

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