Flood Waters

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Drip comes the first drop,
A warning sign in light
Before the rain pours nonstop.

We were a rowdy bunch in pride,
Consequences not in our sight,
As moral hearts of men died.

And yet one stood among the many,
One who knew how to do right
Without persuasion from the plenty.

But yet the world saw him as crazed
Whose mind had taken off in flight,
Seeming so until flood waters raised.

A life raft, built sturdy for few,
Constructed by the man, crazed yet contrite,
Was built for the day the rains came through.

And then the rain poured and would not end.
That lunatic, as it happened, was right,
And then, for ourselves we had to fend.

It happened once, and so it should be
That we have our eyes on the sky
As drop after drop the rain flows free.

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