When the Walls Fall

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo by Addison Mae Duckworth and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Oh Pride,
We have embraced you as our own,
And cultivate the seeds you’ve sown,
And we’ve begun to erect your thrown.

Oh Pride,
We love to love you as you’ve given us hate,
And how you’ve spread upon the state,
Laying foundations for our fate.

Listen to the music from behind the wall.
Some crazed group has heard your call.
They must adore you as do we all.

But the ground shakes as the wall breaks.
How much more can the walls you built take
As the stone begins to chip and flake?

Oh Pride,
How you fooled us to our death
As we take our final breath,
And how you fled when these walls
Came undone and began to fall.
And yet we are the ones to blame
For playing your unforgiving game.
May God return to cleanse our souls
As we endure unbearable tolls.

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