Angry Mad

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
I was once told the difference
In being Mad and being Angry.
Mad is a surface feeling.
It is initial, but passes with time.
Angry is different.
Angry invades the veins.
Angry stays.

Angry takes control.
Angry lives and thrives.
Angry stays until the joy dies.

I am angry,
Angry at hypocrisy,
Angry at the silencing of dissenting voices,
Angry at the once champions of free-expression
Turning their backs because the expression
Is the expression they don’t like.

I am angry,
Angry at the unjustified outrage,
Angry at the theatrics from the Left
Who left freedom at the door
When they walked out for their cappuccino.

And sometimes,
I’m mad as well.

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