Blizzard Baby

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
I don’t remember my first snow.
See, I was born in a snow storm.
Mom was in labor on snowy roads
As dad brought her to the hospital.
I was the blizzard baby.
That’s what they called me.
And sometimes I wonder, just sometimes,
If I didn’t bring that blizzard with me
With every step I took when I learned to walk.
Or maybe I’m a bit too hard on myself.
Maybe that blizzard did come with me,
But it only snowed in one place,
Icing over my heart little by little
With each passing year.
But now I think I’ve found the gear
To weather the snow storm,
Melt that ice with warmth.
I may have been a blizzard baby,
But I’m a warm weather man.

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