Sunny Days After Ice

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Sunny day, burning bright, over ice,
Melting into streams down the carport,
Down the gutters, down the street.
Winter sun rays bringing gradual heat.
Ice, it seems, will freeze your feet,
Keep you in place for a moment or two,
And then, when the moment is through,
It is time to break free, time to move.
And so, the sun, it breaks great chains
That have us feeling chilly pains.
But those chains release
And we’re free to go
As we relinquish those woes
That bind us and give brutal blows.
Breaking free,
Breaking free,
Breaking free of melting ice,
Not thinking twice
About former confinement,
Because if we dwell on the ice that was,
We will never make our way in what is.

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