Art for Art

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
I used to draw more,
Paint more,
Create more,
Take a blank page
And fill it with life.
I would take the life around me,
Dip a brush in paint,
And stroke after stroke,
Make the canvas project
More than just a barren surface.
Flowers flowing forth from forests to fields,
Waters waving wildly,
People passing places,
I recreated.
I write more now,
Not because I hate drawing,
But because words whip the soul
And words wake the world.
My words?
Few among many.
But ideas issue from imagination.
And, before imagination is lost,
I’ll write the world a story,
Perhaps one that only few will see,
But it will come from me,
A bit of my soul poured onto page,
Unfettered, uncaged.
Art for art,
My voice,
My words,
Occasionally bordering on absurd,
But all the same,
Issued to be read or heard.

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