Celebrated Days

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Celebration, sweet celebration.
What do we celebrate?
A day to love.
A day to remember.
A day to care
About what is fair.
Sinking in the days,
We’re drowning.
We’re drowning in a sea of our own sickness,
A day.
A day.
What is a day but a few hours?
And once the last hour has come,
Then what?
Do we stop loving?
Do we forget?
Do we stop caring?
What of regret?
A day.
A few hours.
I reject the day!
I embrace the lifetime.
Because what is life but a compilation of days
To love,
To remember,
To care,
To remember to care?
Day after day,
We build,
Build more love,
Build more trust,
Build upon compassion
As we must.
But here we are,
Celebrating days
Instead of celebrating life.

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