The Sharing of Stories

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Listen closely,
Listen to the wisest,
Tell the stories,
The stories of a people.

Watch his eyes as he speaks,
Watch his hand movements,
As the words mix with fire
And bring life to ages past.

Listen to his words,
Each selected carefully
To breathe life into days gone by,
As he conveys their story.

And once the story is told,
Once the scenes unfold,
The present meets past,
A past that outlasts.

One thought on “The Sharing of Stories”

  1. I recently released a new book written by Skinner J.Tyler and named “Journey Of The Querent” and available on Amazon.
    Writing blogs and recording little pieces of time throughout ones perspective is interesting as well as inspirational and fulfilling; with creativity knocking at the door of your idea. Calling for you, a beacon to your writing and sharp, delicate description of the day; through your eyes perspective.
    Tha ks for sharing.


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