Layers or Complexity

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
I love music.
Classical, standards, 80’s New Wave,
I let it surround, expand, feed me.
I get angry when I drive sometimes,
Even when I listen to music.
That calming effect fades away
When someone cuts me off.

I love literature.
Shakespeare, Tennyson, Alessandro Barrico,
I let it challenge, filter, educate.
I get uneasy when I’m challenged sometimes,
Even when I recall famous words.
Those words lose their influence
When someone pecks my mind.

I hold many beliefs.
Tradition, scripture, the Mythos, Truth,
I let it envelop, develop, form me.
I get confused in the sea of belief sometimes,
Even when I examine several approaches.
The origins, the flood, the end of days,
It gives me pause.

But it’s in the pause that I find peace,
And peace is what one needs.

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