Humor Me (Comedy’s Death and Possible Resurrection)

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Comedy is dead.
It died little by little,
Over the course of years,
When we decided we could not laugh
At anything, any concept, any situation,
At ourselves
Medications failed.
Context was incomprehensible
To the shallow, miserable mind
Of the self entitled and unforgiving.
And, like a slap to the face,
A shock.
Life support.
Blip after blip on a machine.
Mics turned off on a stage
As entitled college kids
Extend rage.
Because a comic
Dared to joke
About a sacred topic.
But in comedy, there are no limits.
Anything, anyone, everything.
Maybe someday,
The world can laugh again,
When self entitled children
Stop pretending to be

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