To the Graduate

By Andrew R. Duckworth

You’re probably scared,
Feeling unprepared.
I was there once too.
That liminal space can be a cell
In the hell of your own mind.
But you will find your way.
Most frightening is that
The choices are now your own.
No one can choose for you.
The choices are now your own.
So, which door will you open?
Which path will you choose?
With many doors open,
It can be a burden in deciding.
So, do not decide all at once.
Don’t climb a mountain
Without a way of getting down,
Unless prepared to build a shelter
And weather the cold winters.
Don’t set out to the deep waters
Without healthy sails on the masts.
Try the hill first,
And then the mountain.
Boat on the lake
Before the ocean.
But always dream.
Dreams are the seeds.
Water them enough,
And they will sprout.
Then come the goals.
Once fully ripened,
Behold the fruit of achievement.

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