By Andrew R. Duckworth

Some say working builds character.
It does, but that isn’t its purpose.
Working for yourself is a safeguard,
A shield. It makes sure you’re
In charge of your own destiny,
And not left to the thieves
Who parade with power.
The more power you have
In your own hands,
The less power can be held
Over your head.

I’ve long held respect
For the prepper,
For those who know life can change
In an instant without a plan.
They know the value of work,
Know the value of holding
Your destiny in your own hands,
And not leaving it in the reach
Of bent and greedy fingers.

Should those in high towers
Take away your ability
To forge your own destiny,
You will become their subjects,
A subject of the blackjack tables
As they gamble away your life.
And there will be plenty
Ready and willing to defend
The thieves hiding in their dens
At any and every opportunity,
Because the gambling men in power
Have convinced them
That life is better suited
When they make all of the decisions
So that they are not a burden
Upon the fool.

Now, understand the power
Of the work you do.
Tedious and monotonous,
Yes, it can be tough.
But would you rather have
The choices for yourself,
Or leave the choice in the hands
Of a man who doesn’t even know
Your name?
The moment they control your work
Is the moment they’ve won the game.

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