Commercial and ‘Like’ Society

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
You see that product you must buy
And have you ever wondered why?
It comes across your TV screen
And then they have you hooked

Reward to the brain, just like a game.
You get those likes and the dopamine spikes.
You see what they want you to want and what you want,
Draining of individuality.
A gentle push towards conform society.
Pushing creators towards self-appointed piety,
No longer concerned with originality.
You like what they like and what they want you to like.
Push faster!
Drive for more!
Strive for more!
Just like us!
Just like we do!
Only as we do!
What we want you to do!

Here lies originality.
It lived a good life, but no more.
With a gentle push, we kicked it out the door.
We want what they want and what they want us to want.

Have you ever wondered why you see what you want?
Algorithms, monitoring, commercialism.
Let’s get that taste of what others feed us.
Let’s get hooked like a fresh caught fish.
We’ll get hooked together, netted by the net.
Anyway, here’s a new advertisement for fishing gear.
New ad for a different year.
This one is holiday themed.
Something clever and humorous regarding Christmas.

Look at that polar bear over there!
Cute, cuddly…
It almost makes me want a beverage.

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