Come and See

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
When I first saw it
Like a raging fire that ignites,
Like a mountain amid a sea of plains,
Like a lightning strike with no cloud in sight,
I stood mesmerized.

It was not a singular event,
Unlike tea thrown to the harbor,
Unlike addresses before walls,
Unlike rockets gliding towards the heavens,
Most senses paralyzed.

When I continued to watch
Like an eagle stalking prey,
Like the watch of old days,
Like a seeker seeking truth,
I found egregious lies.

If I continue to watch,
Like a fool reaching for destruction,
Like the salmon asking bears for protection,
Like a goat praising a pig’s election,
I will surely die.

But if I trust in the one who loves
Like the shepherd tending his flock,
Like the one with word and walk,
Like the one who harvests and cuts down stalk,
I shall step in paradise.

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