On Success

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Editing by Andrew R. Duckworth. Photo of Addie Mae Duckworth and Andrew R. Duckworth
Success isn’t what you see on a screen.
It isn’t perfection or the clothes you wear.
It isn’t pounds of foundation and flashy eyes,
It isn’t putting on suits and ties.

Success isn’t some need to be seen.
It isn’t flawless feeling without any care.
It isn’t building rockets and soaring through sky.
It isn’t a banner you proudly fly.

Success is a process of what you make
In your deepest thoughts and deepest dreams.
Success leaves you tired at the end of your day,
But success sees the work as the only way.

Success is giving more than you take,
And planning through thought and endless streams.
It leads to coming forth among the fray
If, along it’s path, one doesn’t stray.

Success is the action that leads to the outcome.
It’s the struggle put forth from a tired mother.
It’s the struggle put forth from a tired father.
It’s the struggle put forth from a tired son.

But in struggle, we conquer.
In struggle, we prevail
And if one continues on
They surely will not fail.

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