Sir Gawain’s Passing (or Forgiving Lancelot)

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Lancelot, friend as close as brother,
Though I lay here now by your hand,
You are raised above the others
From where I stand.

For the days are gone when the green knight
Came to the banquet hall with might
And sought a blow that was delivered
Through his mighty axe by my hands.

And when I found the broken chapel
After lingering in temptation to grapple
I found forgiveness and deeper truth
From that tall and sturdy brute.

A mighty warrior from ages past
Had the dignity at last
To pardon faults and see my soul
As precious in the eyes eternal.

Sir Gareth may be gone from Earth,
But from a noble place at birth,
His chivalrous heart and devotion
Led him to eternal life.

And we are quick to seek revenge
When wronged and patience at an end
But I return to see your heart
That will weep when I do part
At my graveside
While I gaze upon eyes eternal.

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