World Mind

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
The prophet of greed whose body was lost
Lives on in bodies throughout the world.
That mind was taken, split among the greedy
And grown anew in their respective new homes.
Now, the wicked prophet’s voice is louder
And bears more influence among the naive.
Those that were there when Greed first spoke
Told their children of the evil words,
Told them to stay far, far away,
From the wicked voice of Greed.

It has been disguised, more than once, more than twice,
To resemble a meek, mild voice.
But Greed shows itself abhorrent
When the perilous pieces are put in place
And the people who cheered it on the way
Find themselves slaves at the end of the day
To the wicked prophet of Greed.

Do not be fooled, It has not died
That wicked voice of greed and pride.
There will always those ready to bow
At the altar of self and the author of lies.
And those that dwell in places high
Will force the innocent to buy
That message that Greed has disguised
To seem like words of the wise.

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