Forgotten Sir Launfal (A Knight of the Round Table’s Defense of Sir Launfal, former steward)

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo by Addie Mae Duckworth and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Arthur’s former steward of the court,
Planner of celebrations of all sorts,
Returned to wealth by unknown means
After Arthur took Guenevere as Queen.
A rage she had when noble knights
Turned their head within her sight,
And Sir Launfal was then cast out,
Out from the castle, out from crowd.

Guenevere, she was cold and quick,
But Arthur fell for her wicked trick,
For she was known far and wide,
As one who wanders to any King’s side,
And when it came to challenge her then
With the charges put forth, she simply grinned.
Poor Sir Launfal, dealing with enough,
Left the castle and went to the rough.

Yet, somehow he has re-emerged,
From city street singing toneless dirge,
To prosper much with riches plenty,
Standing out among the many.
But Guenevere has once again
Shown to knights she is no friend.
For she has charged a noble knight
For something done under cover of night
With not a witness in sight.

We know Sir Launfal and know him well.
His heart does not reside in Hell.
He is a man who dwells in Truth
As good and chivalrous knights do.
The queen, however, has reputation
That would send this castle to devastation.
So now, we must defend what is just
And in Sir Launfal show our trust.

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