By Andrew R. Duckworth

Leave it to a politician
To take your pay to earn their way
To expensive meals on their stay
And then, when it’s all said and done
They take away your means to say
Whatever it is you desire
And strike a match to light a fire
For burning freedom to the ground
And have the balls to call you liar.

Leave it to a politician
To never let you have a voice
Unfiltered by their means of choice
While in their huddled groups they plan
To gather in collect rejoice.
We paid their way to represent
And now they’re objects of resent
Of taxpayers who feel the pain
Of their toiling with our last cent.

Leave it to a politician
To lay down mandate on others
The ones they won’t call their brothers.
They choose not to speak up for you
But they’ll speak quick for another.
They put up ropes to ban you too
And then, they blame it all on you
Because you did not follow rules
That even they won’t follow through.

Leave it to a politician
To never let you get your word
So that your voice may not be heard
In great halls where they often speak
And say that we are most absurd.
Why do we trust these wicked men
Who need our pay but then again
Don’t wish to bring our words to halls
That our voice might be echoed in?

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