A Glimpse Into Marvelous Worlds of the Mythic

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
There was a time 
When my mind was heavy
With worries of the day,
But I went to the back porch
And emptied my brain
To ease the pain.

I thought of a place,
A place beyond the sunset,
Where waterfalls stretch to eternity,
Pouring off of a green flat,
Foliage extending to the beyond,
Pleasant hills filled with waving flowers,
And towers
Yes, towers of marble to which one marvels,
A mix of sunny day and cosmic wonders,
Distant from the planes of reality,
Entwined with some mythic plane.
That land knows no storm,
But the calm, gentle showers
That feed growth.
And the colors,
Magenta grass and orange trees,
Violet and blue waters,
A frenzy of color throughout.
And the people,
Knowing no foe or struggle,
Smile at the sunshine and smile at each other,
And the day never ends
For a world of friends
Because they still love each other.

And, should struggle ever come,
They will be the first to overcome.
Despite diversity of minds,
Diversity of dreams,
They listen and rejoice
That there is not one voice,
But many.
And it is in that many that they are one
Because when all said and all done,
They value life, they value mind,
They value patience and what is kind.

If it were not all a dream,
Not pondered over, but lived,
Perhaps we could come to forgive.
But that is just a dream,
That is just a dream,
A glimpse into marvelous worlds of the mythic.

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