A Glimpse Into Marvelous Worlds of the Mythic: The Prosperous Professor of Progress

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
There’s a tale I heard some time ago
Relating to the gem of green fire,
Of a professor who studied societal growth
But soon was caught by societal ire.

He worked night and day to study that gem,
And the power it had over one and all,
How the city folk fixed their gaze
And leant their ears to the fire’s call.

That Professor looked upon with great suspicion,
Of the gem that others claimed was safe,
And soon he found himself alone
As society began to chafe.

He claimed the gem would harm the soul,
That it would lead to nothing good,
But other professors thought it nothing,
That the lone professor spread falsehood.

And so, the leader of the city
Sought to silence that lone voice
That sought to save a city’s soul
And claimed the professor still had choice.

But the professor didn’t change his mind,
Citing that it draws the gaze
And mesmerizes city folk
To behave in mysterious ways.

The other professors soon gathered
To give their assessment of the gem,
Saying that engagements in metaphysics
Certainly wouldn’t become him.

They claimed that the draw of that gem
Was a natural response of its appeal
And that claims of some mysterious draw
Was among the realm of the unreal.

Yet, one night, when most chose sleep,
The city leader took a club in hand
And smashed open the shiny gem
Releasing fire upon the land.

That fire struck the very core
Of man across the globe
And jealousy came whispering words,
Meeting all ear lobes.

When the city saw that harm was done,
They came to know adversity.
The other professors took their leave
Of life at the university.

People far and wide began to know
That even in the darkest hour,
That silencing dissenting voices
Would feed the darkness power.

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