Dwelling on Divine Things – or – Archangels

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Photo and editing by Andrew R. Duckworth
Much of the time, I am numb to goings on.
I am caught in a maze of my mind,
Caught pouring over the divine.
Hell attempts to wrap its chains
And drag humanity to
Eternal darkness and torment,
Lucifer plunged to its depths.

Gladness was a thing we once had
And if we get it back, a better world awaits,
But holy messages are not
Received by men striving for
Ill intentions.
Echoes of goodness remain, but
Lucifer waits with his chains.

Random thoughts strike me in the day
About random holy things.
Perhaps it’s healing that I strive for,
Health, spiritual health.
Ancient peoples understood
Enough to call out, but
Lucifer still roams about.

Unbelief occasionally becomes me,
Railing about my soul with flames.
I do my best to rest in nurturing thought.
Eternal echoes issue from pages where
Lucifer is defeated in stages.

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