The End

By Andrew R. Duckworth

There’s a daydream I recall
Where I stand idly on a cliff,
Watching the sky slowly die,
Red lightning from infernal horizons.

Clouds bursting, I recall,
Speeding from a stretching rift,
Birds, as fast as they could fly,
Speeding off to each horizon.

Evil brought this land to ruin,
Pride’s cup runneth over,
Leaders lining up to drink it dry,
And bring about that crimson sky.

Oceans dead and blood soaked shores
And there I am, on the cliffside.
The end came quick for all of us
As trust and forgiveness died.

And out of the furnace walked a man,
Confident with a glowing smile,
Surveying damage he had done
While the world was preoccupied a while.

Pandemonium brought to Earth,
Constructed in infernal plains,
And pulled from rift in sky and dirt,
Hoisted with infernal chains.

But as the man was about to cheer
At destruction he had caused
The wicked spirits at his side
Soon fled and he was left with pause.

A ray of light shot down through clouds
Bringing hope of life again
And sprung forth glory on dead plains
Washing away the stains of sin.

And that man who came from Hell
Was blinded by the holy sight
Of Heavens angels at the ready
To engage in Earth’s final fight.

The man was soon engulfed in flame
At the announcement of the savior’s name
And all of Hell retreated back
To hellish caverns from whence they came.

I stood alone on that cliff
Watching the world pass away
From destruction we had brought
Instead of kneeling down to pray.

And, I assume, on that day,
It may occur much the same
As we alone must give account
For all the deeds performed in shame.

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