At the Intersection (A Satirical Take on Contemporary Academia)

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Today, I bring before you an emerging science
That focuses on Floopty
At the intersection of Flippity and Floppity.
Floopty, currently, is horrendous, obviously.
We’ve seen it play out in the Floopty Flees
As well as the Floopty Flows.
Flippity, as you’ll do well to remember,
Can absolutely have an impact on Floopty,
As can Floppity.
However, Floppity, as I’ll point out,
Can have devastating impacts on Floopitity.
Floopitity, the thing that keeps us Flooping,
And Flopping, might I add,
Suffers greatly at the societal floop under Floppity.
Floppity, by itself, I conclude,
Cannot possibly amend the Flippity Floppity Floop.
Therefore, it is reasonable, to say the least,
That the collaboration of Flippity and Floppity
Are absolutely necessary to continue the floop
And can correct the terrible trends
That can be seen in Floopty.
Thank you.

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