Control on Steroids

By Andrew R. Duckworth

Code is what we have become,
No longer happy or joyful,
But numb.

Nature was found to be overrated,
And so, as we do,
A less perfect form we created.

And, at the touch of a button,
We had it all,
Everything we needed.

But the virtual world is better.
Close off reality
And get ready for the new.
To hell with anyone’s point of view.
A virtual bubble and no need for further input.

So, into the pods we go,
To hell with what we know
About human nature.
To hell with communion,
A more perfect isolated union
Of man and machine.

How far do we allow ourselves to become code?
How long until we wake up
And wipe the slate clean?
How much more do we crave outside control
Before it begins to take its toll?

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