Boots (Profiles #7)

By Andrew R. Duckworth

He crafts them by hand,
Each one, each pair.
He’s been crafting boots
Since he had black hair.
A stitch here and a stitch there,
Embroidery telling a story.
A stitch for the cowboy
Who will wear them with glory
As he rides into the arena.
A stitch for the country boy,
Who wants to fit in.
A stitch for the rockstar
Who will wear them on stage.
But boots don’t dictate every page
Of the book of a craftsman.
There’s the kids at home,
The wife who loved him
Before he ever had his own shop.
She watched that man work his way,
Day by day,
Hour by hour,
Minute by minute,
Counting down the days to success.
It was a lot of work,
But there he is in that shop.
Once in customer service,
Now producing boots nonstop.

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